Archer Cape/ Bro-man

Bro-man was jealous of his brother's success, so he became a super hero


Argleblat is an alien who lives on the moon and loves cake. That’s about it really.

Captain Amathica

An old war hero from the year of 1940 very forgettable

Captain O

Captain O is the leader of the old derp army, and is second in command to Derp Baby. He might tell you he got his scar in a fight, but really his hand slipped when he was cutting cucumbers.

Charlie Chikenlegs


Crazy Bomb

this bomb is CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZY!!!!!

Crazy Submarine

this submarine is CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Tree

this tree is CRAZZZZZZZZZZZY!!!!!!!!

Cyber Cookie

A cookie who became a cyborg after a sausage-mi'or related accident. He is really smart and somewhat grumpy.

Derp Baby

*1NF0 N0T F0UND*

Derp Dragon

A dragon whose... not really that scary?

Derpy Dave

The Derpiest dino you'll ever see. Though he may be loyal to Derp Baby, he's actually the kindest dinosaur you'll ever meet!

Dr Octagon

this dude likes octagons and apparantely thats illegal?


Your on Earth right now!

Eddie the Robot

Eddie is a robot


Spoon Wizard’s self-proclaimed rival and archenemy. Though spoons are powerful, he decides the more vicious route of using a SPORK.

Evil Scientist

This guy is Scientifically EVILLLLLLLLLLLLll

Finn the fish

This fish has the highest grade in violin out of the whole world

Fred the Fire

Fred is a fire. His hobbies include burning wood, using up Oxygen and Sudoku.

Fun Bun

A rabbit from no-arms land who was banished after her secret ability to grow arms was revealed. She also has the ability to sleep anywhere.

Gamies Grogan

This guy likes Gamies so much he changed his first name from dylan to Gamies. Which is quite wierd

Guy with no voice (and no name)

this dude has no voice (and no name)


guy with cape in #8

Hypno Derp


Ingygbjgul the alien

Ingygbjgul lives on the planet Fgujtfufgyi and wants to grow up to become a L,kjjhugbiugfuy


dude with watch in #8

Jake the security guard

Jake changed his name from Shooty to Jake because he thought that Shooty was a dumb name.


Jupiter is the beegest planet in our solar system

Manny The School Police

50% of the Stick School budget goes to this guy. And he sucks. Good job.


Fun Fact: Mars has two potato-shaped moons!


Mhor's legendary Marshmello on a stick that grants him the power of flight, fire and deliciousness.


This planet is named after the Roman knockoff of the Greek God Hermes.


Mhor: God of Campfires, protector of smores, prince of Campguard. 'Nuff said

Moosetache man

man with a bootiful moosetache


Super Mi'or's younger cousin who has mysterious powers that can obliterate anyone with a blinding light

muscle derp

Once upon a time, a regular dude went on a tour of a factory who produced multiple flavours of juice. But, he fell into a secret vat of "Buff is you" juice and became the super hero MUSCLE-DERP!

Mysterious stranger



Fun Fact: This planet's atmosphere contains a (compared to the rest of the solar system) comparitively high amount of methane. AKA fart gas

No arms guy

This guy has no arms and is the leader of no arms land.


A young Derp whose parents invented a really strong mech that threatened the old Derp forces. They were killed and pi was left to fight them off himself.


Poor Pluto. Stripped of its planet status before it even completed an orbit. Press F to Pay respects F

Policeman Jeremy

A policeman that enforces the laws of FRIENDSHIP

Rex the Tyrannosaurus Rex

hehe dinosaur go rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


bald guy in #8


Ro’im is an old-derp clone of Super Mi'or, and is physically stronger than him- but his compassion and friendship isn't as strong.

Sally the Shark

Hungry Shark go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


green hat guy in #8


~If you liked it you should've put a ring on it~

Spoon Wizard

Wizard dude with a spoon-my first comic character!

Stabby the security guard

Believe it or not, Stabby was this guy's birth name- his parents thought he'd love knives. He prefers guns.


The tale of Steve Stevenson is a tragic one. Losing his beloved picnic blanket due to an unexpected gust of wind, he has now descended into nothing but revenge and sadness. Hopefully he'll stop soon...

Sticky the Stick Man

The main character of Gamies Comics Adventures; A young stickman who likes adventure, videogames and his friends. Can be surprisingly intelligent.  

Super cape

A young superhero who has dreamed of becoming one since he was a child, and is now using his achieved dream to help others- like when he founded the Super Team!

Super Mi'or

One of the 3 main members of the Super team. Has no powers, likes cookies and is pretty good in a fight!

Taco Guy

A taco who decided to go on a journey for enlightenment. He ended up finding the legendery thousand-year old grand master taco and (after a few years of training) he was given the magical maracas of the elements that- if shook- can summon any of the elements at any time.

Terry the criminal

Serving 25 years for handiling salmon in suspicious circumstances (yes thats illegal)

The Derpvengers

These guys don’t even canonically exist anymore.

The Magic Spoon

The magical spoon that has whatever powers the plot needs to progress. The spoon and its powers were both created by spoon wizard’s ancestor, the Fortune Teller.

The moon

The moon is an ally of Derp baby, and during a solar eclipse turns all derps into old derps.

The sun

The sun is a deadly lazer